Working with Muriel

Most say: “Money makes the world go round”
I say: “Mama makes the world go round!”

Working with Muriel

Are you looking for a mentor who can help you to find the right balance between work and home, without having to give up your ambitions? Do you want to enjoy going to work and enjoy (raising) your children? Are you looking for someone who has the work-life balance that you would want as well? Someone who gets energy from the work she does and has fun with her children? Are you a woman who does not want to sacrifice your ambitions now that you have become a mother, but instead want to harness and use the power that motherhood brings? If your answer to any of the above questions is “YES!”, then one of the following programs is right for you!

Body Mind Scan

A 45 to 60-minute session during which you will dwell on yourself and what you experience. We work within a theme of work or pleasure or even a personal wish of yours. We consider the following questions: Where do you feel the energy flowing? What is holding you back? What is hindering you in the realisation of this desire? What do you need to make this wish come true? We close the session by creating an intention so you can take the first steps in manifesting your desire and making it real in your life.
Investment in yourself: € 150,-

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Energy Boost

An individual session from 60 to 90-minutes, we focus on your specific question or wish. A 3-hour intensive group session with 6 to 10 participants. A final personal session from 60 to 90-minutes. We will do the following exercises: Exercises to become more aware of your unique qualities. Exercises to exploit your abilities and use them more efficiently. Exercises to let your energy flow in the direction you desire. We conclude with an intention, so you can realise all of your wishes and desires and develop your unique qualities.

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Keep Balance

Spread over 12 months, 10 sessions of 90-minute one-on-one coaching.
Answer the following questions: What are the mechanisms or patterns that have led you to become unbalanced? What do you need to keep your balance? How does it feel when you are balanced? How can your prevent stress? You can effortlessly create space for yourself to do everything in your life with ease and pleasure. You can be an ambitious career woman and at the same time a loving and caring mother.

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