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“As an ambitious mother of three (young) children, I thoroughly enjoy my family and my work. I strive to do all the things that I do with a smile and love knowing that I have found one extra hour for myself every day. This is the experience I wish to give to other mothers too.”


Muriel van Hoek

Talent Coach for ambitious mothers

Muriel Hoek’s Work & Organisational psychologist and coach, and is a licensee of the 7-kwaliteitenpalet©. Since 2000 she has collaborated with various organisations and consultants in the field of Human Resources. In 2012 she established her own company: @Hoek Assessment, Coaching & Training. Muriel specialises in Talent Development and Work-life balance. Her business supports its clients to find the ultimate balance for them so they can achieve their full potential while increasing their energy and vitality. They can be successful and also have fun in life and work.


As an ambitious mother, I’m always looking for balance in life. A balance between pursuing my professional goals as well as supporting my children in their development. I want to develop myself, and I want my children to have the necessary foundation so that they can develop in their own way as well. I want to grow and develop myself, and I want to share this growth with other mothers too.
I want to help ambitious mothers break their old patterns and find their own balance so that they can have fun and enjoy their work, energetically reaching their goals while supporting their children’s own growth and development.


I’ll help you create space for yourself by discovering the space that is within you, as well as reclaiming the space in your life and in the lives’ of others. I’ll help you to make choices that are appropriate for you so you can live the life that suits you.
Are you an ambitious mother? Do you feel that at both work and home you are too often running behind the curve? Does it sometimes all become too much, juggling your work and home life? Are you always living in high gear? Then make an appointment now for a free Discovery call via hello@murielvanhoek.com

Act! Don’t re-act…

Do you know that?

As a working mother with three young children, I know all about the pressures and fast pace of life. Officially I have been working a 32 hour work week since 1999, but it almost always increases to 36 hours or more … and yet even now I have found the perfect balance for me.

You catch yourself secretly enjoying quiet time behind your computer, sipping an awful cup of coffee from the machine at work – simply because that is the moment nobody wants anything from you. You always have something to do, and there is never any silence (except perhaps during meditation or yoga session). There is always someone who wants something from you. If it’s not your kids calling out ‘mama’, then it’s your boss asking whether you have reached the targets or deadlines expected of you.

My ideal work-private balance:

By staying focused on my desires and ambitions and paying attention to my thoughts, feelings and sensations, being aware and choosing to do what makes me happy, I have the found (for me) the perfect work-life balance!

I keep following my wishes, dreams, ambitions and goals by dwelling on myself, my thoughts, feelings, and sensations. I am able to do this among the other things in my day by scheduling daily time for myself.
I consciously focus on things that I want to do and say no to things I do not want to do (and that means at times that I say ‘no’ to my children because I want to work or I want a weekend away with friends).
I set my targets in consultation with the people involved.


Since I have started to listen to my body, focus on my breathing and the space and tension I feel in my body, I know what I want and what I have to offer ambitious mothers.

How is it with your balance?

Do you have the idea or feeling that you have lost yourself?
That you can be overwhelmed by what is coming your way?
Want to gain more insight into your underlying behaviour and energy patterns?
Want to know how you use your potential?
To actually discover the degree of (un)balance in your energy patterns?
Do you do what really suits you?
Do you actively design what you want in your life?

Body Mind Scan

Thanks to this body-mind-scan, it will become clear to you what the first step must be to take affirmative action that energises you and to a place in which your mind and body say ‘yes’.
How do you keep the balance that is right for you? How do you use your qualities in a way that suits you?

Energy Boost

Initial individual session in which we focus on what is your specific question or wish.
Group sessions, in which we undertake intensive energy exercises (max 12 participants).
Final individual session.

Keep Balance

A full year of coaching delivered in two variations:
# 1 - 10 x monthly coaching session.
# 2 - 10x monthly coaching session + weekly support by WhatsApp, phone, email or Skype.

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